DI Heinz Studer, MBA


management services, ALEAS partner

STAGILE® expert and coach

STAGILE® partner

STAGILE® development member - organisations


degree in electronics (technical university, Vienna): Dipl. Ing.

international project management (University of economics, Vienna)

postgraduate degree in international management (University of Liechtenstein)

MBA degree in international management (University Gloucestershire, UK)

certified trainer for economy of the common good

certified trainer for persolog leadership, personality and team model

advanced process management (Roland Gareis consulting, Vienna)

certified hiking guide (summer & winter)

work experience

20 years of professional experience in international- operating companies in the fields of development, PM-office, management of national and international project, also in the non-profit area, process development and implementation as well as management and development of employees (head of departments, member of executive board)

2013 foundation of Headgate, consultancy business for organisational development,  sustainable corporate development, monitoring and development of SMEs with focus on process and organizational development, preferably dynamic-agile-lean processes and methods, as well as active leadership development

certification for the common good-economics-consultant 

special skills

comprehensive leadership competence, methodological competence, especially iterative, agile procedures including implementation,

STAGILE ® coach, trainer, consultancy

inspire people, promote and develop their enormous potential; they are the key to the successful development of companies.

come into action, deal with failures and failure, consciously perceive risks and conflicts and handle them professionally

feedback culture learning and living, receiving and giving feedback,... "breakfast for champions"

mindfulness | reliability | transparency | authenticity | honesty

ALEAS AG Klaus Madlener; aleas

STAGILE® coach


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"The future can be predicted at the best, if you design it yourself." (Alan Kay)