Business applications

Business applications are small, simple tools (mostly web applications) that are developed specifically for our customers. These business applications can be integrated into available systems and cover any lack of functionality.


In most cases, major and complex software solutions are very hard to introduce and in many cases only a small fraction of the functionalities is used. However, users must deal with the systems' complexity. We counteract this thanks to our business applications. Simple tools that do exactly what is necessary and still work together with existing software solutions - that is our successful concept.

Here are some examples of completely implemented customer tools:

Multiproject controlling tool

Cross-project, intuitive project controlling tool. The uniform data basis for project managers, team leaders, management and controllers form the basis for permanently updated project data.

  • Project status: risks, milestones, project progress
  • Project cost: budget/planned/actual comparison throughout all detail levels
  • Overview of project team member deployment in different projects

Actual data is automatically transferred from the ERP system. The data can be accessed down to detailed levels.

ALEAS AG - multiproject-controlling-tool - aleas

Task tool to support during the product development process

Databased list featuring milestones and tasks to transparently process projects.

  • Pre-defined milestones and tasks per project type
  • Simple transfer and addition of further tasks
  • Link to templates, best practice examples and documents
  • Version management in different states
ALEAS AG - tasktool - aleas

Service tool

Tool based on a database to record and evaluate service cases.

  • Repair cases, service throughput times, warranty cases
  • Repair costs in comparison to settled amount
  • Failure rate/production batch quality
  • Quality/failure trends

Basic system data, such as system no., delivery date, category, etc. is automatically transferred to the ERP system. Enter additional data and illustrations in transparent reports so you always have an overview of all service cases at any time.

ALEAS AG - service-tool - aleas

Customer-specific planning tool

Cross-department data recording and reporting tool

  • CRM: target groups, campaigns
  • Product price calculations
  • Task management
  • Meetings: agenda
  • Staff planning: training courses
  • Audit planning
  • Reporting
ALEAS AG - planning-tool - aleas

Price calculation tool for product variants

Configuration tool for sales. Easily configure the most diverse system and product variants. Benefit from pre-defined dependencies and thus permit feasible variants only.

  • Total price, margin and production costs are permanently calculated during the configuration of the variant.
  • The final offer is created at the push of a button. Existing offers can be copied and changed.
  • Master data and production costs are automatically transferred from the ERP system.
ALEAS AG - price-calculation-tool - aleas